At INNOVO we are key allies when innovating and undertaking. We have 14 years of experience contributing to the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile, especially in the scientific and technological area, supporting entrepreneurs from all over the country. We have the USACH seal, as a University we have a network of laboratories and pilot plants where you can validate the development of your enterprise.

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Growth Program
If you want to innovate in your company, this is the ideal advice to grow and export. Our program goes exclusively to SMEs, which in its strategy, marketing, business model and value proposition: Grow, export and enhance your company.

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Diagnostic Service
Do you want to know what state your innovation venture is in? We evaluate the 5 key pillars of a technological venture: Business Concept, Customer Relationship, Operations, Product or Service and Organization.

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Innovo 14 years anniversary.

Greetings from some of our historical entrepreneurs from Innovo: Víctor Cortés, from B-GRC; Carolina Urrutia, founder of Freemet; Gonzalo Pacheco from Movener and Rodrigo Cannobbio with Pablo Olmi, from the prominent VideoSpeed company.


We support innovative businesses in Life Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology that add value to society.

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